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tired: "you wouldn't download a car"

wired: "you would download a car"

inspired: "dude, warez my car"


Like queer sexy criminals? Of course you do. Check out the prologue to Confidence Woman, a collaborative project coming from me and @vyr - this bit's mostly mine in writing, but Vyr shares conception and editing credit, as well as technical duties, of course.

Cw: implied sex, implied violence

Check it at its fancy new home here:


Instead, they made a decision, because the world can be blamed for your pain but not for your cruelty, and that small and cold spirit inside them still longed to do and be better than what had spawned them.

They turned hunger into hibernation. Pain into transformation. And they embraced the cold because it was beautiful even if it was terrible, and waited for warmer days.

Thus was the Regent of Winter born, and their reign was characterised by hope.

#microfiction #TootFic

They hungered. Not just for food, though they needed it. Not just for shelter or love, though they wanted it. They were hungry because their spirit was being starved.

The world had taken from them again and again and they were fast becoming a husk. Something thin and twisted and locked away from sun and sanity.

They could feel it happening. It would be easy to become a hag, like so many before them. To take that hunger and turn it into miserable, malicious power.


#microfiction #TootFic

@vyr it's set down on your desk. When you give up looking for it you'll spot it, out in the open in plain sight, completely uncovered.

i would be more excited by this if i actually understood any spanish but as it is i'm still pretty excited about it

here's probably the best link to the overall collection -

and here's the link to the digitized books more directly -

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y'all!!!! exciting old cookbook news!!!!!!!

the university of san antonio has digitized their collection of early mexican and mexican-american cookbooks and put them up for people to freely access!!! going back to handwritten recipe books from 1789!!!!! is an article about it, is a direct link to the oldest manuscript, same as pictured below!

GRS recovery (salty at outdated cis vocabulary, dysphoria) 

cant help but want to respond "yea recovery is going p well" to ppl when they say good post op

@hierarchon said either i had to post this thought, or it would ❀️

☒️ Yucca Mountain
βœ… giving me, a person with ADHD, high-level nuclear waste to hold and telling me not to lose it

where does it go? nobody knows. but you'll never see it again, in this lifetime or its

nsfw in oblique 

f2p gaming rant ugh 

maybe i've just gotten to the point where i just cannot stomach any f2p mobile games? They all feel like they damage my psyche in some way

@Zauberin i hope steam never allows ads ugh but omg it feels like the whole mobile industry is currently held up by the few games making all the money then spending that money on advertising that goes into the games that aren't making money who literally make more than half their income on ads

it feels on the verge of collapse

Bro stop fixating on the one meaningful connection with another human being you've had in your adult life and comparing everything against it because it was the one time you ever felt understood, you're scaring the hoes.

lewd shitpost 

You, cis, dumbass: did you get "the surgery"

Me, genius, nodding confidently and taking off my pants to reveal two dicks:


- eldritch garbling
- java, the coffee
- python
- 255 squirrels singing
- drawings of cuties
- paintings of horrors from beyond
- Lua but in a weird custom environment with tons of prebuilt functions with no documentation
- long strings of heart emojis

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