mental health (πŸ˜‘) 

friends are there to remember who you are even when you forget

So the Hugo nominees include a book about lesbian necromancers, at least one of the authors is trans, at least three are queer, and all are women. Something has changed since I was a kid reading SF.

sorry ladies, if you're not actually from the Isle of Lesbos, you're just sparkling gay

The waves lapped all the up the beach; today was one of the rare days where the water swirled around tree roots.

A faun dipped his delicate hooves into the sea. He played his flute until a sweet, deep voice accompanied it.

Once the song ended the faun reached out and his merman pulled him into a firm embrace. They sat together, counting stars as they appeared until the water began to recede.

With a wistful sigh they parted ways once more.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

I was busy writing while this handwriting meme was going on, but I can show this, at least

my whimsical cursive lacks discipline and this is one of many reasons i'll never be a successful influencer

software minimalism is like diesel trucks. you can push a ton of power out of it, but there comes a point where you reach diminishing returns and you just look like a toxic asshole in the process and to me suckless shit has most definitely hit that point

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