okay so this may be a stretch for cis games writers, they're trying, but genders are not caused by either genes or Facebook

and here we go. it just goes downhill from here, folks… 😒

just got thru the opening cinematic for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and. uh. i'm sure it's been said before but


congratulations on your Tech Magazine cover 🥳

GRS recovery 

GRS recovery 

my little sister sent me a recovery care package for next week and i'm crying 😭

this is the same one that went to her local makeup place the day i told her i was a girl and mailed me like half the store ("except for foundation, you're on your own there, and don't ask me how to apply liquid eyeliner because i can't either")

she's the best, and i wish i'd known i was her big sister earlier 🥰

okay no, tabby, that is just not how you use one of these things. cmon. i've seen you sleep on things other than your favorite suitcase before. this is just silly.

at the bottom of my sex toy drawer is the ultimate instrument of solo pleasure: 

thanks to @duchess, i am entirely into the Code Vein character editor, and intensely jealous of my own avatar's shiny, shiny pants

changed my av a few minutes ago. first pic is the old one, second is the new one.

temporary pet distress, very minor injury 

you kids have all heard of Gritty, right? well, get ready to put your hands together for capitalism's hip new mascot who respects intellectual property, shareholder returns, and landowner rights…

Cash Brandicoot!

Food Wars screenshot, kinda horny 

these are the two scents i could potentially smell like at the tail end of 2019, and i feel like this set of options says much about me as a person 🤨

wanted to buy for paperwork scan organizational purposes: rotating belt date stamp, but for UUIDs

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