Queer sexy criminals! Now TWICE as long! Version 2.0 of Jade is ready -- it's the first entry in a new series, and it's pretty great~

Cw: implied sex, violence, homophobic slur


i heard from @LilyVers that y'all like queer sexy criminals! finally doing my part to propagandize being gay and doing crimes with a second, ongoing prologue in our series. fast forward three years, and get ready to meet Mayke:

confidencewoman.github.io/site [link CWs: alcohol]

@vyr hey, everyone? Please Read This, i'm so excited for you to meet this character


@LilyVers and i are just absolutely torqued to tell you the next part of Mayke's tale:

confidencewoman.github.io/site [link CWs: alcohol, sex]

@LilyVers is asleep, post queer sexy criminals! and post more when she wakes up!

for the penultimate episode of Confidence Woman: Prologue 2, we return to the swamp outside the town of Kyravasti. Amaranth and Jade are trying to figure out what the hell Vyruth Power & Mana is up to, out there:

confidencewoman.github.io/site [link CWs: alcohol, sex]

@vyr How DARE you post good writing when I'm sleep, you'll be getting a letter from my fancy lawyer

Anyway, in the meantime, everyone else check out this cool queer heist ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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