me: "i'm going to sleep"

life: "lofty goals for someone who forgot to take her progesterone, visit the bathroom, [FURTHER BIOLOGY EXTRACTED TO APPENDIX H]. also, hey, would you like to adjudicate a literal catfight?"

@vyr appendix h has the word "chitin" mentioned nine times and "antennae" four times


(me, talking about Vyr to all my friends) gosh, she's really smart and good with words and characters, but I think the best thing about her is her personality!

it gives me such a rush!

"the thing about @LilyVers is that she actually came here to make friends, and it's working so well that she might win too"

@vyr what faction am I?? Protoss... Pro tossing a ball around and having a couple friendly brewskis that is!!!!

@LilyVers waiting for someone to chime in and say they're Terran up traditional gender roles

@vyr vyr, I'd construct a pylon for you any day of the week

lewd!!, GRS 

@vyr fucking-- you win. i gotta get ready for bed. slowly though, while savouring this thread

@LilyVers i think i might have another go at the sleep thing myself. gnight again!

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