i'm getting my cats back tomorrow! i had to board them while i started recovering from a medical procedure, but i'm recovered enough to handle the furblobs again. probably. let these archive photos remind us never to trust these pointy-eared house monsters with anything

@vyr also HECK YEAH congrats on the recovery and being able to get those cuties back

@LilyVers i had to find a Blockbuster, or the holding company that owns the holding company that owns what's left of their debt, and then they didn't want it back

let me sing to you about it

@vyr well, I *am* mad about this pun, but I *do* love that soothing balm we call music


Jellicle cats are not wanted at offices
Their liabilities are many and their praises not spoken
Quite bad for business are the Jellicle kind
Especially since we are rarely housebroken…

@vyr oh!! m-my cares!! they're... melting away, with this song about peeing inside!!


But old Debtconsolidator and young Machinelearning
Quite as vicious a pair as you ever would find
When the Jellicle clan were all forced from the building
They were running the place so we left them behind!

@vyr *yawn* my... w-what a tale... i simply must... hear the end... 🛏️

@LilyVers that's all the verses i got, and also it's spelled "tail" around here, pal, get with the program 💛

@vyr shows share you know lefty, I'm lying in my bed right now to own the libs

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