finally some good news: drops tomorrow! been waiting for this forever, since basically what i wanted out of this game was more to tide me over until the rumored TFTD remake eventually surfaces

watching thru their tutorial series for XCOM1/2 players right now which i gotta say is legit good practice for games that are basically other games


also i backed this game so damn long ago that they gave me all the Season Pass DLC, then accidentally sent me a code for $10 off the Season Pass DLC, and then told everyone who got those codes to share them with a friend

so if you know me, have Phoenix Point and didn't get the DLC and want it, DM me, i have 1 coupon code

i will say one more thing about this game until i actually get to play it: avoid the Reddit for now, because it went from mostly chill Lovecraftian official fic and fanfic to a bunch of gamebros really mad about the launch platform changing from Steam to Epic

their poor community managers 😥

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