real :

hi, i'm Vyr. i'm trans, i'm lesbian, i do things to computers, but more importantly, i write porn, which is probably the most interesting thing about me from a Fediverse perspective. all stories on my site,, are individually CWed. here are the highlights:

the Mel canon is a bunch of short, fluffy, and sometimes sexy fics about Mel, a disaster succubus whose hunting ground is the software industry, because she didn't fit in anywhere else. note that Mel 5 is less fluffy, more explicit, and more genderfeely than the others.

the Serpentine canon is explicit as hell, hypnokinky, and contains quite a few feels. it's about a subby human thrall designated Theta, and her snake-like demon domme, Cora of Clan Serpentine, and how their relationship begins to evolve both within and outside that dynamic. i'm really proud of it, and also owe a great deal of credit to @hierarchon for inspiration and advice. note that it's written in second-person, and Theta is the viewpoint character.

finally, if you're looking for something bite-size, there are a few unconnected shorts, mostly robokink, all not particularly serious, under the fluff tag:

share and enjoy! 🖤

@LilyVers this is my fourth instance, and i noticed i had a few new followers that i wanted to tell about the fun stuff 😁​

(i feel bad posting this without a Mel or Serpentine update, but i'll get there...)

@vyr no guarantees on timescale on that, but once I have something to say I'll let you know :D

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